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We want everyone to enjoy the Sports Burnout. But there are a few rules to stick to while accessing our website.

This page has specified the terms of use on which you may make use of our site. Please read these terms of use carefully before you start to use our site. By using our site, you indicate that you accept these terms of use, which include the privacy policy that applies to our site and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms of use or the Privacy Policy, please refrain from using our site.

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We take every care to ensure that the information on our site is accurate and complete. But some of the news and articles are supplied to us by third parties and sometimes we are unable to check its accuracy or completeness. Therefore you are advised to verify the accuracy of any information before relying on it. Due to the inherent nature of the internet, errors, interruptions and delays may occur in the service at any time. We do not accept any liability arising from any inaccuracy or omission in the information or interruption in availability.

If you have any concerns about material that appears on our site, please contact Us at contact@sportsburnout.com.