Who is Lionel Messi’s best friend?

Every person needs a close friend and the same is with Messi. Have you ever wondered Who is Lionel Messi’s best friend?


Lionel Messi best friend is none other than his former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez. Messi regularly finds time to meet his friend Luis Suarez and spends precious time with him off the field.

Messi was presented his seventh Ballon d’Or by his close friend Luis Suarez.

It is no secret that Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. and Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi are very close friends.

Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero won the Olympic gold medal together in 2008. One of Lionel Messi best friend is his Argentinian teammate Aguero.

Fabregas and Messi played together at Barcelona for a long time and won many trophies together and also has a place in the list of Messi best friends.

Dani Alves is just another player who is close to Messi. Leo himself has admitted that he shares a special bond with Alves.

Messi and Mascherano played together in Argentina National Team and FC Barcelona for more than ten years. They are united by a strong bond of friendship between them.