Andre Russell Wife and Children – Jassym Lora

Andre Russell Wife and Children - Jassym Lora
Andre Russell Wife and Children - Jassym Lora

Andre Russell holds his place among the top destructive players in the game of cricket. He is one of the most explosive batsmen in the world. With his power hitting ability and destructive batting performances in Indian Premier League has gained him a huge number of fans worldwide. Russell has established himself as one of the hottest prospects in franchise cricket, plying his trade in the T20 leagues worldwide and becoming one of the most sought after players. He has played in almost every big T20 league in the world. His fans are aware of his records in cricket and are excited to know about the player’s personal life. In this article, we will tell you about Jassym Lora, Andre Russell Wife and Children.

Andre Russell, the Jamaican cricket superstar known for his explosive batting and formidable all-round skills, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his powerful performances. Beyond the cricket pitch, Andre Russell has found a partner who complements his vibrant personality and supports him throughout his journey. Let’s take a closer look at the woman who stands beside this exceptional athlete – Andre Russell’s wife, Jassym Lora.

Andre Russell and Jassym Lora Love Story

Andre Russell and Jassym Lora Love Story
Andre Russell and Jassym Lora Love Story

Jassym Lora’s radiant beauty and captivating charm caught Andre Russell’s attention, leading to a blossoming romance. The couple first met during the 2014 Caribbean Premier League (CPL), and their connection was instantaneous. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, their love prevailed, and they tied the knot on August 25, 2016.

Jassym Lora has been an unwavering pillar of support for Andre Russell throughout his cricketing career. She has often been seen cheering him on from the stands during matches, showcasing her unwavering dedication. Jassym understands the demands and pressures of the sporting world, providing Andre with the emotional support and stability he needs to excel on the field.

Who is Andre Russell’s Wife? Jassym Lora

Jassym Lora is the wife of West Indies all rounder, Andre Russell. Just like the command of T20 cricket is in the hands of Russell, his wife has the command in the world of modelling. Russell and Lora got engaged in 2014 and married a couple of years later. Andre  Jassym Lora, a US national, is a highly successive model.

Who is Andre Russell's Wife - Jassym Lora
Who is Andre Russell’s Wife – Jassym Lora

Andre Russell wife, Jassym Lora Russell was born in the United States’ city of Miami. She started her modelling career at the age of only 19. Jassym is also an Instagram fashion influencer and a famous social media personality. She has worked in several ad campaigns too.

Jassym Lora is no stranger to the world of social media. With a significant following on platforms like Instagram, she shares glimpses of her glamorous life with her fans. Jassym’s online presence reflects her vibrant personality and showcases her fashion sense and fitness regime. Her positive and empowering posts inspire many, making her a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and women worldwide.

Jassym Lora has been spotted many a times while cheering for Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL. She has accompanied Andre Russell on several occasions in IPL games. Andre Russell’s wife is a familiar figure in the Kolkata Knight Riders’ jersey.


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Andre Russell Daughter – Aaliyah Russell

In May 2020, Andre and Jassym welcomed their first child, a daughter named Amaiah S Russell. The couple often shares adorable family moments on social media, highlighting the joy and happiness they experience as parents. Their loving bond and dedication to their family serve as a testament to the strength of their relationship.

Jassym Lora and Andre Russell are blessed with a baby girl. The name of Andre Russell’s daughter is Aaliyah Russell. She was born in Baptist Health Hospital in South Florida. On birth of her daughter, Russell posted a picture of him holding a hand of the baby.on his Insatgram.

Andre Russell Daughter - Aaliyah Russell
Andre Russell Daughter – Aaliyah Russell

“Another #blessing welcoming Amaiah S Russell to the world! God is good all the time. Thanks god for my strong Queen @jassymloraro #daddysbabygirl,” Russell wrote.

Jassym Lora, Andre Russell’s wife, epitomizes the perfect blend of beauty, strength, and ambition. As an unwavering supporter of her husband’s cricketing career, Jassym stands by Andre through triumphs and challenges, offering him the love and encouragement he needs. Beyond being a supportive partner, she is a successful entrepreneur, inspiring women around the world with her dedication and drive. Andre Russell and Jassym Lora’s love story is a testament to the power of love, determination, and mutual support in achieving greatness both on and off the field.

Jassym Lora and Andre Russell
Jassym Lora and Andre Russell