Virat Kohli last 10 Test Innings

Virat Kohli last 10 Test Innings
Virat Kohli last 10 Test Innings

Virat Kohli’s impact on Test cricket extends far beyond the runs he scores. His technical finesse, leadership qualities, consistency and ability to excel in diverse conditions make him a true giant of the format. As cricket enthusiasts worldwide marvel at Kohli’s contributions, it’s evident that his legacy in Test cricket is not just about statistics; it’s about the enduring impact he has had on the game. In this article, we have mentioned the last 10 Test innings of Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli last 10 Test Innings

  • 2nd Test Vs SAF 46 (59) , 12 (11)
  • 1st Test Vs SAF 38 (64) 76 (82)
  • 2nd Test Vs WI 121 (206)
  • 1st Test Vs WI 76 (182)
  • Final Vs AUS 49 (78) , 14 (31)
  • 4th Test Vs AUS 186 (364)
  • 3rd Test Vs AUS 22 (52) , 13 (26)
  • 2nd Test Vs AUS 44 (84) , 20 (31)
  • 1st Test Vs AUS 12 (26)
  • 2nd Test Vs BAN 24 (73) , 1 (22)

Virat Kohli’s journey in Test cricket commenced in 2011, and from the outset, his batting skill was evident. His initial years laid the foundation for a remarkable Test career that would unfold over the following decade. Renowned for his flawless cover drives, confident pull shots, and the ability to tackle both pace and spin, Kohli’s technical proficiency is a masterclass in itself. His adaptability to different playing conditions further underscores his dominance in the longest format of the game.

virat kohli test double centuries
virat kohli double century against south africa

Taking the responsibility as the captain of the Indian Test team in 2014, Kohli’s leadership added another layer to his cricketing legacy. His captaincy skills not only motivated the team but also elevated his individual performance. The synergy between Kohli’s leadership and his on-field exploits became a defining factor in India’s success in Test cricket.

A crucial factor of Kohli’s Test career is his consistency in run-scoring. With a lot of centuries to his name, Kohli has not only shattered records but has set new benchmarks for batsmen worldwide. His ability to convert starts into substantial scores positions him as a linchpin in the Indian batting lineup.

Virat Kohli’s skill is not confined to home soil; his impact on away tours has been equally significant. From the bouncy tracks of Australia to the swinging conditions in England, Kohli’s ability to adapt and deliver match-defining performances on foreign soil solidifies his status as a global cricket icon.