Virat Kohli ODI Runs Year by Year

Virat Kohli ODI Runs Year by Year
Virat Kohli ODI Runs Year by Year

When we talk about One Day International (ODI) cricket, few names come in mind with supremacy as strongly as Virat Kohli‘s. From the early days of his debut in 2008 to the present, Kohli has established himself as the finest ODI cricketer in the history of the game. The highlight of Kohli’s ODI skill is his ability to chase down targets. His expertise in run-chases has earned him the title of “The Chase Master.” The stats tell a compelling story of Kohli’s dominance. Kohli is the fastest batsman to 8,000, 9,000, and 10,000 ODI runs. His average, consistently hovers around the 60-mark. His batting was even enhanced when he assumed the captaincy of the Indian ODI team. Let’s take a look at Virat Kohli’s ODI Runs Year by Year.

Virat Kohli - The Run Machine
Virat Kohli – The Run Machine

Here’s an overview of Virat Kohli’s performance in One Day Internationals (ODIs) year by year since his debut in 2008.

Virat Kohli ODI Runs Year-Wise

2008 159 5 31.8
2009 325 8 54.17
2010 995 24 47.38
2011 1381 34 47.62
2012 1026 17 68.4
2013 1268 30 52.83
2014 1054 20 58.56
2015 623 20 36.65
2016 739 10 92.38
2017 1460 26 76.84
2018 1202 14 133.56
2019 1377 25 59.86
2020 431 9 47.88
2021 129 3 43
2022 302 11 27.45
2023 1377 24 72.47

Virat Kohli made his ODI debut on August 18, 2008, against Sri Lanka. In his debut year, he played a few matches but did not have significant impact. Kohli continued to establish himself in the Indian team, showing glimpses of his batting skills. He had a reasonably good year, scoring runs consistently.

Virat Kohli ODI Debut
Virat Kohli ODI Debut

In 2009, Kohli scored his first ODI century against Sri Lanka and continued to be a regular contributor to the team’s success. A landmark year for Kohli as he played a crucial role in India’s World Cup triumph. He scored consistently throughout the tournament, cementing his place in the team. After the World Cup, Kohli continued his excellent form in ODIs, emerging as one of the leading run-scorers for India. His performances included several centuries, showcasing his ability to chase targets.

2013 was nother prolific year for Kohli as he consistently scored runs in ODIs. His ability to chase down targets and adapt to different conditions earned him praise. Kohli’s performances remained strong, and he continued to be a vital part of the Indian batting lineup. He achieved milestones such as becoming the fastest to 6,000 runs in ODIs.

While the overall team performance in the 2015 World Cup was disappointing, Kohli continued to be a reliable run-scorer. Kohli’s consistency reached new heights, and he became the captain of the Indian ODI team during this period. He maintained an impressive batting average.

Who is the New GOD of Cricket?
Who is the New GOD of Cricket?

2017 was a remarkable year for Kohli as he displayed exceptional form, scoring 6 centuries at a remarkable rate. He established himself as one of the best ODI batsmen globally. Kohli’s run-scoring spree continued, and he reached several milestones, including becoming the fastest to 10,000 ODI runs.

While India had a disappointing exit from the 2019 World Cup, Kohli had a successful tournament individually, finishing as one of the leading run-scorers. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the international cricket calendar, and fewer ODIs were played during this period. However, in those few matches Kohli continued to be a key player, contributing with significant innings. 2022 was the worst year of Virat Kohli’s career. He was struggling to score runs and there had been a long time since he scored his last ODI century.

2023 was the year when Kohli shut the mouth of his haters and made the best comeback ever. Virat was back to his best and finished as the highest run scorer in ODI World Cup 2023.

2023 World-Cup-Player of the Tournament - Virat Kohli
2023 World-Cup-Player of the Tournament – Virat Kohli

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