Why Suresh Raina is called CHINNA THALA?

Why Suresh Raina is called CHINNA THALA
Why Suresh Raina is called CHINNA THALA

Suresh Raina is an attacking left-hander who went for the big shots with confidence when he was at the top of his game. Former India cricketer Suresh Raina established himself as one of the best fielders the sport has ever witnessed. He was just amazing on the field while playing for India. Raina’s Test career never flourished as much as his limited-overs career did, despite starting promisingly. Suresh Raina is a very humble cricketer and due to this quality he became fan favorite. Suresh Raina has been the vice captain of CSK for a long time. He is also their top run scorer and is also loved by CSK fans. Chennai fans have given him the nickname Chinna Thala. Have you ever wondered why Suresh Raina is called Chinna Thala or do you have any idea about Chinna Thala meaning.

Suresh Raina has been playing for Chennai Super Kings in IPL for a long time. His loyalty and amazing performances for the franchises have made him immensely loved by the fans of CSK. Raina loves and respects MS Dhoni to a great extent. He has shown his love for former Indian skipper many times. Suresh Raina nickname in CSK is Chinna Thala.

Why Suresh Raina is called CHINNA THALA?

Suresh Raina and Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Suresh Raina and Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Chinna Thala stands for Junior Sir in Tamil language. MS Dhoni has been given the nickname Thala which means leader. Raina is the vice captain of CSK and deputy to Dhoni. Raina is called as Chinna Thala , referring him as main right hand of the captain MS Dhoni. Along with Dhoni, Raina also has a huge role in the legacy of Chennai Super Kings. Raina is the highest run-getter for Chennai Super Kings and is one of few MVPs of the side.

Chinna Thala meaning

Chennai Super Kings fans popularly call MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina as ‘Thala’ and ‘Chinna Thala’ respectively. These nicknames are given by the people of south where Tamil is used for communication. Thala means leader in Tamil while ‘Chinna Thala’ refers to the right hand of the leader. CHINNA means small or right hand of Thala.

Once commentator Harsha Bhogle asked Raina on Twitter: How do you feel being called ‘Chinna Thala”?

Suresh Raina replied : “It makes me feel home! For me it means the love, respect and acceptance that my Chennai family have given me. #WhistlePodu,”

Raina shares a special bond with Dhoni and because of that reason fans started calling him ‘Chinna Thala’. Suresh Raina has also said that he if Dhoni decides to retire from IPL, then he will also not play.

“If Dhoni Bhai doesn’t play the next IPL then even I wouldn’t play. We have played together here since 2008. However, if we win this year I will convince him to play next year as only 3-4 months would be there. There is a lot of domestic cricket too and UP has some talented players.” Raina said.

Suresh Raina - Chinna Thala meaning
Suresh Raina – Chinna Thala meaning

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