Why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR?

Why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR?
Why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR?
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Shikhar Dhawan is an Indian cricketer who also represents Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League. He has been a natural stroke-player who has the ability to pick the line of the ball early which allows him to get into position for any shot that he wishes to play. Dhawan is one of its kind player and he is one player who never bows down to pressure. This attribute of Dhawan makes him play fearlessly. He has always performed well in big tournaments, specially ICC Tournaments. You must have thought that which cricketer nickname is gabbar. Shikhar Dhawan is popularly known as GABBAR in the cricket world. His fans have given him this nickname out of love. But have you ever wondered why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR.

In the realm of cricket, nicknames are often bestowed upon players as a testament to their unique qualities and playing style. One such nickname that has gained immense popularity in recent years is “Gabbar,” given to the explosive Indian batsman, Shikhar Dhawan. Inspired by the iconic Bollywood character, Dhawan’s moniker perfectly encapsulates his fearless and aggressive approach to the game. Let’s delve into the origins and significance of the nickname “Gabbar” and how it has become synonymous with the swashbuckling opener.

which cricketer nickname is gabbar - Shikhar Dhawan
which cricketer nickname is gabbar – Shikhar Dhawan

Why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR?

Shikhar Dhawan, hailing from Delhi, burst onto the international cricket scene in 2010 and quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. It was during the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy in England that his aggressive style of play caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. His dynamic stroke play and audacious batting approach left opponents shell-shocked, reminiscent of the iconic Bollywood villain Gabbar Singh from the movie “Sholay.”

It has been said that the nickname Gabbar was given to Shikhar Dhawan by his Ranji team coach Vijay Dahiya. In Ranji Trophy matches, Dhawan used to field at silly-point. When the opposition players were able to get a big partnership then Dhawan used to shout ‘Bahut Yarana Lagtha Hai’. It is a famous dialogue from Sholay movie which was used by Gabbar in the movie. He just did this to cheer his team-mates while fielding.

His fans might not know about this incident but it is how Dhawan got the nickname ‘Gabbar’.

Shikhar Dhawan himself revealed the story behind his nickname :

In the second episode of standup comedian  Vikram Sathaye‘s digital premium show, ‘What The Duck 2’ Dhawan was asked about the story behind his nickname Gabbar :

“I used to stand at silly-point in Ranji Trophy matches and when the opposition gets big partnership, my team get down and I used to shout ‘Bahut Yarana Lagtha Hai’.”

Another reason behind why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR is his stylish moustache. He twirls his moustache after scoring a century and going back to pavilion. Dhawan is also known as Gabbar because he has a dashing personality. His explosive batting makes him a villain for the opposite team.

Why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR?
Why Shikhar Dhawan is called GABBAR?

Dhawan  has the record of scoring the fastest ever century by a debutant in a test match. He made his test debut in 2013. When he was walking back to the pavilion he twirled his mustache a little with style. The next day, Dhawan’s photo of twirling mustache was there in newspapers and social media with the title of ‘Gabbar’. It was that image that led to the nickname ‘Gabbar’.

Much like his cinematic namesake, Shikhar Dhawan exudes an aura of confidence and dominance whenever he takes to the cricket field. Known for his flamboyant mustache, which further enhances the Gabbar persona, Dhawan combines power, precision, and finesse in his batting repertoire. With his aggressive intent and ability to dictate the pace of the game, he instills fear in the hearts of bowlers, while delighting fans with his captivating stroke play.

Shikhar Dhawan IPL 2022
Shikhar Dhawan IPL 2022

Dhawan’s Gabbar-esque qualities extend beyond his batting prowess. He is a charismatic and vocal presence on the field, often seen motivating his teammates with infectious energy. Dhawan’s celebration after scoring a century, where he raises his arms in a menacing manner, has become an iconic Gabbar trademark, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of cricket aficionados.

The Gabbar nickname has transcended the cricketing realm and captured the imaginations of fans around the world. It has become a term of endearment, symbolizing Dhawan’s indomitable spirit and his ability to entertain and enthral the masses. His dynamic personality and engaging social media presence further enhance his connection with fans, who often refer to him affectionately as Gabbar.

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